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Nice tenants


Getting nice tenants is a combination of inviting and honest advertising, well managed, informative viewing and thorough vetting procedure. Our experience dealing with prospective tenants comes to the fore as we're able to make a good judgement on people's honesty and suitability.

Nice returns


Maintaining the standard of a property and ensuring a good return is something we provide as experienced property managers. We aim to provide you with quality tenants who suit your property, rather than just getting you the tenant who will pay the highest rent.

What our clients say


"We have been with Nice Place for two years as a Tenant. We found them very friendly and helpful. Every time we had query or an issue, they have been dealt with it promptly and professionally. Great agency, we have nothing to complain about. Would definitely recommend Nice Place Property Management.

— Dariusz Długosz

"We have been tenants for over two years now and we have been very happy with Nice Place Property Management. It is good to know that you can rely on someone when there is an issue. Be it a rental topic or a broken oven. If we needed help or had some inquiries, Keith and his team would address these promptly and competent. They are a friendly and professional team. Thank you!"

— Mariko

"Great company to deal with. Keith has a fantastic knowledge and always friendly."

— Supplier