Preparing your rental properties for the winter

With the cold Wellington winter just around the corner now is a good time to prepare your rental property for the colder days. These few simple maintenance tasks can make all the difference, and your tenants will appreciate it. Of course if you want someone else to take care of it for you – our friendly team can organise and manage the maintenance of your rental property for you.

  • Water blast foot paths

Water blasting paths and stairs can remove any slime or built up moss that can make accessing the property treacherous when it’s wet. Spraying the paths first with moss and mould killer will prevent it from coming back for a few years. This might take a while, but rest assured once complete you won’t need to do it too often if you use mould killer first.

  • Clean gutters

Check that your gutters, downpipes and drains are free of leaves and debris, and check for holes or loose screws. Clogged gutters could prevent the rain water from being able to drain properly. This could cause serious problems, when the water looks for somewhere to go.

  • Clean chimneys

Most insurance policies include a condition that fireplaces must be cleaned regularly. If you do not comply your policy may be deemed to be invalid in the event of a fire. If the fireplace isn’t used, consider blocking it off as this will reduce warm air escaping the house.

  • Heat pumps

If the property has a heat pump, make sure you clean or change the filter and give the outdoor unit a spray with a hose to remove any dirt. Remove any dead leaves, cobwebs or other debris that could obstruct air flow.

  • Check seals on windows and doors

Drafty windows and doors can increase heating bills. It’s best to inspect both the interior and exterior of all windows and doors. Doing this on a windy day can make it easier to detect any air leaks where the warm air can escape from.

We have fantastic service providers and a dedicated trades team who we use and trust to do a fantastic job for our home owners. We can either put you in touch, or speak to us about managing and maintaining your rental property to ensure a nice place with nice returns.

Nick Phillips