Building relationships: Right tenant, right property

Throughout our time as property managers, we’ve always worked to place the right tenant in the right property that fits their needs and suits their lifestyle. We don’t just work with property owners to fill their home and make them money – we work with them to ensure the tenant is the right fit for the place, and will treat the home with respect as well as keep it in great condition.

Our process
Protecting investments comes down to building great relationships with both tenants and property owners. By completely understanding our property owners, we know what type of person is best suited for their home, and by getting to know the tenants – we can learn what their needs are and what place is best suited for them.

For example, we wouldn’t place a young family of four in an eight floor apartment that has no stairwell, neither would we place a young professional couple in a three bedroom property. It’s all about learning what each tenant wants and needs, as well as ensuring they are respectful, tidy people who will look after the home.

Our process of filling rentals may seem slower compared to other property management companies, and some rentals may be waiting for the right tenant to come along – but by working to find a tenant that will retain the condition of the property, we find we have happier tenants who stay longer, and happier property owners who don’t need to worry about their investment.

By taking this approach, we can ensure that the properties are being well looked after and tenants feel comfortable and happy in their home.

Maintaining relationships
Of course, once we’ve placed a tenant into a rental property – it’s just as important to maintain a great relationship. Our property managers have responsibilities to both the tenants and property owners with things such as general maintenance, repairs and inspections. We aim to respond to requests and repairs promptly to keep everyone happy.

Building and maintaining these relationships means we have great quality tenants looking after great quality rental homes.

Bianca Stables