Meth testing: Where do we stand?

For some years, Nice Place had a policy of meth testing every property between every tenant to ensure that we are moving new tenants in to a clean property, and to check that outgoing tenants have left it in a reasonably clean condition.

Our level of testing is in line with the recommendations of both the Ministry of Health and the Tenancy Tribunal. Despite the recent report regarding what levels of meth are considered ‘safe’, these recommendations have not yet been rescinded from either organisation.


Protecting tenants and landlords
Keeping our test levels at 1.5mcg/100sqm is in line with the current recommendations from the Ministry of Health, which is what the Tenancy Tribunal base their decisions off. If we were to change our processes to the higher (more tolerant) level, currently this could be challenged by tenants in the Tenancy Tribunal. We are here to protect your property, and the tenants in it, so we want to reduce the risk.

We test at the end of each tenancy to ensure the property is clean and clear of meth for the next tenancy. In the rare situation where tenants do use or produce meth in the property, this ensures that we can demonstrate to the Tenancy Tribunal that it was clean at the outset.


Moving forward
Even if the Tenancy Tribunal does adopt the new level of 15mcg/100sqm, if there was a situation where a property tests over the level, in order to prove liability for the costs we will need to have done a test at the outset to demonstrate that it was in fact the current tenants that caused the problem.

Until otherwise advised, the team at Nice Place are keeping our tolerance levels at 1.5mcg/100sqm, not the new level of 15mcg/100sqm, before renting out a property. If or when the Ministry of Health releases new recommendations with the support of the Tenancy Tribunal, we will then change our processes.

Nick Phillips