I think we should break up: 4 easy steps to leave your sub-standard property manager

Breaking up with someone can be a messy and awkward affair, but what about breaking up with your property manager? After all, not all property managers are created equal and you may not be happy with the relationship.

When things aren't going well it can seem easier to just put up with it rather than dealing with the period following a break up.  

In terms of your property, you may in fact find that you have untenanted properties, have your investment devalued, the service is costing too much, or you’re missing out on higher returns – meaning that not breaking up with your property manager may be hurting your pocket.  

Here’s the good news – you can outsource the break-up and transition to your new property manager. We’ve put a few steps together to help you understand what’s involved.

  1.   Check your ‘notice of termination’ period – most contracts will have between 30 – 90 days’ notice, whereas others could have 6 months.
  2. Transfer management of your property – your new property management company can provide you with a ‘change in management/transfer’ forms as well as Department of Housing change forms, which gives them permission to act on your behalf for the property.
  3.  New property manager to help with the transition period – The only step that you will need to do will be to send your current property manager an email or written letter telling them that you are terminating your contract with details of the new person/company taking over. From there the new property manager can do the rest.
  4.  Notify tenants of new property manager details – your new property manager will make contact with the tenants and let them know of the new contact details for property maintenance and rent payment. They should also let the bond center at Housing New Zealand know of the changes.

When someone else can do it for you, leaving your property manager is far easier than breaking-up with your +1. Nice Place Property Management can help make it a painless and efficient process as well as ensuring you’re getting great returns, have the value of your investment protected, and have a managed and maintained property in line with the latest legislation.

If you’re not happy with your current property manager or want to check that the service you’re being provided is acceptable then get in touch by email at keith@niceplace.co.nz, phone me on 027 306 6009, or connect with me on LinkedIn

Nick Phillips