Tapi: Making maintenance requests easy

Tapi: Making maintenance requests easy

Maintenance requests can turn into an unnecessarily long process, and can result in frustrated tenants. We are excited to provide our tenants with an easy to use, maintenance request process, using new software called Tapi. This software means that tenants no longer have to call or text their property manager or landlord to raise maintenance requests or repairs, or worry about chasing them up for progress.

Through the Tapi portal on our website, tenants can log all their maintenance requests with all the relevant information, including what kind of issue it is…

Request step 1.PNG

and what exactly needs repairing.

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The tenant can give us more detailed information….

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or attach photos. This makes it a lot easier to process requests, and can save time on following up for details. Instead of just saying the fridge is faulty, include a photo of the model number of the fridge to identify it.

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Not only does this make things easier for tenants to put forward requests, it also means they can receive updates on how the work order is going, and reminders on when the landlord/property manager or supplier are coming to get the job done. It also gives tenants the option to review the quality of the work done, or if the work was done at all. This helps us to know if our tradespeople are the right people for us to partner with.

This software will allow us to provide tenants with faster outcomes to repair requests, deliver details in advance to suppliers, and hold all parties accountable for maintenance and repairs.

Using technology to improve the management of our properties is the direction we’re heading, and combine that with over 15 years of experience – you’ve got a reliable, and knowledgeable team looking after you and your property.

See Tapi in action here

Nick Phillips